How to Backup DAGE Paragon Database

This document advises how to backup and restore the “Dage-Paragon” testing software (IKB-004).

Database Backup Creation

  • Power up the Dage 4000 Plus platform with the main power switch.
  • Open the Dage Paragon Software on the PC and initialise the system.
  • Navigate through the following menus ‘Access / Logon’, and logon with a user account with ‘Engineer Access’.
  • With ‘Engineer Access’ navigate through ‘Setup / Database’.
  • The ‘Database Management Screen’ pop up box will appear, click the advanced button to further open this screen. (This screen can also be opened through Windows start menu ‘Dage Paragon Database Manager ‘)
  • Select which Database you would like to backup with the ‘Database names’ selection box. (Default is Dage4000Plus).
  • Click the ‘Backup’ Button.
  • The ‘Status’ should read ‘Database Backup Finished’ if a successful database backup file has been created.
  • Click the ‘Restart’ Button to close the ‘Database Management Screen’ and to restart the Paragon software automatically.

Paragon Engineer Login

Database Restore from Backup

  • Navigate to the ‘Database Management Screen’ and open the advanced options.
  • Select which Database file you would like to backup from with the ‘Database Backups’ selection box. (Default is Dage4000Plus).
  • Click the ‘Restore’ Button.
  • The ‘Status’ should read ‘Database Restore Finished’ if a successful Database has been created from the Backup file.
  • Click the Button labelled ‘Save Configuration and Exit’ to restart the Paragon software.
Paragon Database Management

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Adam Marshall


26 April 2017


IKB004 Rev. 3