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GR&R testing on the Dage 4000 Plus/Optima

An introduction to Gauge Repeatability & Reproducibility (GR&R) testing on the Dage 4000 Plus / Optima platform (IKB-005).

  • GRR Testing uses a calibrated weight to perform several lifts using selected load cells. Multiple tests using the same weight verify load cell accuracy and repeatability. If drift / variation are quite large with respect to the selected weight; calibration is recommended.
  • The weight is dependent on load cell range. For example, WP100 cartridge set to 50g range requires a 50g weight.

Running GR&R Tests:

  • Data for GR&R on the Plus can be generated from the “Start” – “New Sample” drop down menu or the “New Sample” button on the top bar. (NB: Engineering Access level is needed to perform GRR Testing!)
  1. Select the test group and start “New Sample” from the drop down or top bar button.
  2. Select the (NEW) GR&R tab.
  3. Select the G, R and R test and fill out the jig reference box (if using a shear cartridge).
  4. Set the number of tests required.
  5. Pressing the “Start” button the tests will perform the required number of tests.
  6. Save the Sample

This screenshot shows the GRR Testing Options within “New Sample”.
This screenshot shows the final 3 results once testing for GRR is completed.

For more information on Nordson-DAGE bond and materials testing equipment, please click HERE.





Matt Houston


22 May 2017


IKB005 Rev. 2