Lithography Conference 2024

20th March 2024

Bringing together lithography specialists from SUSS MicroTec, Cardiff University / Prifysgol Caerdydd, Oxford Instruments Plasma Technology, A-Gas Electronic Materials and Raith Nanofabrication, the UK Lithography Conference on 17th April will provide a forum to educate and inform delegates on latest technologies, process and materials.

The agenda includes:

·       The Institute of Compound Semiconductors at Cardiff University
·       Inkjet Printing – a Disruptive Solution to Semiconductor Challenges
·       Scale Up – 200mm Photolithography on Compound Semiconductor Materials
·       Complimentary Materials: Photolithography and Plating/Metallisation
·       Imprinting Complex Structures
·       Electron Beam Lithography
·       Large Wafer III-V Device Definition
·       Interactions of Photolithography with Dry Etching
·       ICB Revolution: Bonding Material Mixes Faster and at Lower Temperatures
·       Electronic Beam Lithography Approach to Wafer Pattern Scale-Up
·       Optimizing the Process Performance of a Mask Aligner
·       Wafer Cleaning Goes Green
·       Wafer Selection: Why Properties Matter

The conference is organised by Inseto and The Institute of Compound Semiconductors, is sponsored by SUSS MicroTec and is being hosted at Cardiff University.

To register visit here: