Advanced Dicing Technologies Ltd. (ADT) is a world leader in the development and manufacture of dicing saws, dicing blades plus ancillary equipment used in the cutting and scribing of Semiconductor Wafers and hard materials including Glass, Ceramics, Ferrites, MEMS and in package singulation.

ADT offers dicing equipment and accessories, with a variety of capabilities and levels of automation to suit an ever-growing range of customer requirements. Combining their expertise in dicing equipment and annular dicing blades, they bring their customers a complete range of dicing solutions.

Product range overview


Wafer Mounting Equipment

Manual & Semi-automatic Wafer Mounters

ADT manufacture manual and semi-automatic wafer mounters for bubble free adhering of wafers or devices to UV or standard blue tapes, models include:

Wafer Dicing Saws with Manual Load

Manual & Semi-automatic Dicing Saws

With high accuracy cutting, high and lower power, single or dual spindle and large area options, ADT offer the most comprehensive range of manual and semi-automatic dicing systems, models include:

Automatic Dicing Saw ADT 7200 Series

Fully Automatic Dicing Saws

With new architecture and advanced process control tools, the 7220 models deliver substantially higher productivity compared to existing dicing systems, while minimizing the cost of operation. The system offers a wide range of advanced automation and process monitoring options to meet the requirements of your most challenging dicing applications. The 7220 series is available in configurations for dicing / scribing up to 300mm (12") wafers / substrates, models include:

Peripheral Dicing Equipment by ADT

Peripheral Dicing Equipment

ADT offer a broad range of peripheral equipment to complement their Dicing Saws including: UV Tape Curing Systems, Wafer Cleaning Stations, Spindle Coolant Recirculation Systems, In-line DI Water Ionizers, Closed-loop Filtration Equipment & Wafer Frames & Cassettes, systems include:

Hubless Dicing Blades by ADT

ADT manufacture a wide selection of annular dicing blades and flanges. Their blade selection is comprised of three product families distinguished by the type of binder: Resin-bond Blades, Nickel-bond Blades and Metal-bond (Sintered) Blades.


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Dicing Semiconductor Wafers and Cutting Hard Materials, Cutting Precision Metal Parts, Dicing Thin Film Substrates, Cutting Ferrites, Scribing & Dicing Ceramic Components, Cutting Glass & Glass Filters, Dicing MEMS, Package Singulation etc., PCB Assembly Industries, Universities Wafer Processing, Passive Component Manufacturing, Separating Medical Devices

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Semiconductor Production, Military & Aerospace, Telecommunications, Medical Electronics, Fibre Optics / Photonics, Microwave Electronics, Microelectronics, Power Semiconductor Assembly, Semiconductor Back-end Assembly, PCB Assembly Industries, Universities, Passive Component Manufacturing, Medical Devices, Glass Device Processing

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