ADT Peripheral Equipment


ADT offer a broad range of peripheral equipment that, along with their dicing systems, provides comprehensive and complementary solutions for our customers.

We offer off-the-shelf configurations as well as tailor-made modifications to comply with specific customer requirements.

  • Water Control Circulation System
  • Spindle Chillers
  • Water Resistivity Control Unit

Peripheral Dicing Equipment Overview

ADT 934 Chiller

Spindle Coolant Chiller - Model 937

Stabilize your process with a cost-effective solution. The ADT 937 Chiller is designed to provide cooling water for the saw spindle. The water circulates from the chiller to the spindle and back, and maintains a constant flow and temperature level. Compact design, small footprint; High Capacity (one system for two spindles); safe monitoring of temperature, flow and fluid level; Microprocessor controller for easy setup and operation; Reduces operation costs by eliminating the need for water treatment; Protects the spindle from lime scale, corrosive dissolved minerals and particulates found in tap water.

ADT 940 Re-Ionizer

CO2 Re-Ionizer System - Model 947

The ADT 947 DI Water Re-ionizers are designed to eliminate particle adhesion and device damage caused by electrostatic effects. The units dissolve CO2 gas into de-ionized water (DI) used for dicing or cleaning processes, thus performing consistent control over an optimal level of resistivity. System Highlights:

  • Resistivity target setting
  • Ability to integrate with up to two ADT saws simultaneously
  • Accurate resistivity control through PID technology
ADT 921 Closed Loop Filtration System

Water Control Circulation System - Model 921

Improve your dicing process with our environment friendly system. The CLF 921 Water Control Circulation Systems creates an optimal emulsion for cooling the blade by constantly mixing, cooling and filtering water used during the dicing process with a suitable additive, helping ensure consistent cut cutting quality and prolonging blade life. The system offers provides environmentally- friendly conditions, integrating with up to two ADT saws simultaneously.


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