ADT7120 Semi Automatic Wafer & Dicing Saw


ADT's 7120 Series of Semiautomatic Dicing Systems for 50-200mm devices, cover the full spectrum of dicing materials from IC wafers to pcb packages and hard material applications. The systems offers the lowest possible cost-of-ownership, whilst providing the most advanced dicing technology.

7120 Series Advantages:

  • 2" and 4" spindle dicing systems
  • A full range of automatic vision capabilities
  • Advanced hardware platform for high reliability and low maintenance
  • Heavy duty cast-iron base structure for superior precision & accuracy
  • Increased yield, throughput and process control
  • Unique multi-panel processing capabilities
  • Special blade wear forecast algorithm
  • User-friendly software platform

Semiautomatic Dicing Systems Model Range Overview

7100 - 2" Vectus Semiautomatic Saw & Scribing System

7122 Wafer Dicing System

Front mount 2" air bearing spindle, up to 1.2KW at 60krpm. DC Brushless motor provides close-loop speed control. Compatible with 2"- 3" hub and annular blades. Covering up to 8" x 8" products. The system is equipped with close loop turn table, optimized for variety of products such as: Silicon wafers, Thin-film devices, High-brightness LED Packages, SAW Filters, Glass/Silicon Sensors, PZT and more.

7100 - 2" ProVectus Semiautomatic Cutting & Scribing System

7124 High Power Dicing System

4", DC-brushless, 2.5 kW, air-bearing spindle, (30 krpm Max.), with closed-loop turntable. Optimized for high-precision, multi-panel dicing of thick and hard material applications up to 200 mm x 200 mm, such as: - Glass - DWDM Optical Filters - Thick Ceramic Substrates.


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Manual and Semiautomatic Dicing Semiconductor Wafers and Cutting Hard Materials, Cutting Precision Metal Parts, Dicing Thin Film Substrates, Cutting Ferrites, Scribing & Dicing Ceramic Components, Cutting Glass & Glass Filters, Dicing MEMS, Package Singulation etc., PCB Assembly Industries, Universities Wafer Processing, Passive Component Manufacturing, Separating Medical Devices, Glass Device Processing

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