Semiautomatic Wafer Mounting Equipment


The 967 Semiautomatic Wafer Mounter from ADT is a small footprint user friendly system for automatic bubble free mounting for wafers up to 200mm, onto either standard blue or UV tapes.

The 967 provides fast, accurate mounting, avoiding the risks associated with manual systems. Once set, the same sequence is used for each wafer, thus ensuring high quality and consistent results. Process parameters, such as Roller pressure, Chuck temperature and Mounting speed, can easily be set using the user-friendly interface.

The 967 Wafer Mounter is also designed to minimise or reduce mounting costs, using all standard dicing tapes (pre-cut tape is not required), lowering the tape usage by as much as 25% compared to manual mounting. The low air and power consumption makes the 967 very economic.

Features include:

  • Automatic controlled process
  • Hands free operation during mounting process
  • Bubble free mounting
  • Small foot print table top design
  • Adjustable roller pressure
  • Compatible to all dicing tapes and frames (Up to 8")
  • Quick and simple to use
  • Very easy to maintain
  • Minimal tape usage

ADT 967 Semiautomatic Wafer Mounter Specifications

967 1-2 Minute Tape Replacement
966-7 Soft Chuck for Sensititve Devices

Supported tapes:

Dicing blue tapes / UV tapes

Supported frames:

DTF 2-8-1; DTF 2-6-1; 350-103; 350-104

Supported wafers:

Round 6", 8"

Mounting time:

< 30 seconds

Dimensions (WxDxH):

304 x 800 x 394 mm 330 x 1000 x 560 mm

Temp Controlled Chuck heater:

Up to 65 °C

Vacuum Holder:

Internal vacuum generator to hold workpieces

Backing tape collector:

Backing tape collecting mechanism for UV tape

Roller Pressure:

1-6 bar

Dimensions ( W X D X H ):

655 mm x 590 mm x 560 mm

Optional Custom chucks:

Multi Panels, Non Contact

Optional Frame Types:

4" frame, 5" frame


Electro-static eliminator


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Automatic Mounting Wafers, Substrates, PCB's, Glass, Metals Parts and Ceramics Devices etc., onto Blue or UV Tapes for Dicing or Scribing

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