Amadyne produce a range of fully automatic die bonding equipment for the automation of production and R&D processes within the microelectronic and related, advanced semiconductor packaging sectors.

Flexibility, ease of operation and a wide variety of options enable the fabrication of standard and advanced devices, including capabilities for epoxy die bonding, eutectic die attach, flip chip bonding, pickup from tape and reel, wafer or waffle pack, adhesive dispensing and stamping etc.

A sophisticated graphical user interface (GUI), common to all systems, simplifies both programming and operation. Features include: SQL server for product and library data, expert step-by-step guides during programming & calibration, wafer-substrate mapping, single component tracking & SPC monitoring, manual operating mode, online application support and networking for machine status, plus CAD import and offline programming.

Amadyne's products include:

- FAB Series of Die Bonders for advanced packaging applications

- CAT for automatic assembly of low-medium volume applications

- EMU for R&D and low volume microelectronic assembly processes

Besides the standard die attach processes and applications, these versatile systems can also be customised for virtually every micro-systems assembly operation and according to specific application requirements.

Product range overview


Amadyne FAB Automatic Bonder for Advanced Packagingr

The FAB die bonder for inline or batch processing, offers improved speed and accuracy and incorporates the very latest in motion control & software technology, whilst not compromising on flexibility. The system is housed inside a novel cabinet, which incorporates particulate control filters, system status illuminators and an exceptional working area for larger devices, which can also accommodate up to two wafers for parallel processing:

  • High Pick & Place Accuracy
  • Large Working Area/Small footprint (<1Msq)
  • - Single Level System: 500x430mm
  • - Dual Level System: Upper 430x305mm, Lower 490x254mm
  • Automatic Tool Change (20 tool holders)
  • 1x 300mm or 2x200mm Wafer Capability
  • Inline or Batch Configurations
Amadyne CAT Automated Die Bonder for Batch Processing

The CAT is an automatic batch system capable of die and component assembly in a small footprint, including pickup from wafer, waffle packs, taped devices, dispensing and automated tool change etc. The system is designed for low to medium volume microelectronics assembly operations and offers exceptional flexibility:

  • Linear Driven X-Y Motion System
  • Customer Specific Integration
  • Automatic Tool Change (8 tool holders)
  • Voice Coil System for Adjustable Bondforce
  • Working Area 300x400mm
  • Batch Configuration
Amadyne EMU Flexible Die Bonder for R&D and Low Volume Applications

The EMU is an entry level fully automatic die bonder for low volume and R&D applications. The system features automated batch processing of microelectronic hybrid assemblies, including dispensing or epoxy stamping capability. The advanced graphical user interface simplifies programming and operation, helping to minimise process development and new product introductions:

  • Easy to Operate and Quick to Program
  • Remote Maintenance and Application Support
  • Automatic Tool Change (5 tool holders)
  • Touchscreen TFT Interface
  • Working Area 250x300mm
  • Batch Configuration


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Die Bonding, Die Attach of Microelectronic Components, Hybrid Assembly, Chip-on-Board Assemblies, Multi-Chip-Modules, Semiconductor Die Bond, Microsystems Assembly, RF & Microwave Assembly, Power Module Assembly, Component Pick & Place, Die Sort, Test Integration, Laser Bar Sorting, Stacking and Un-Stacking.

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