ATV PEO604 200mm Wafer Benchtop Semiconductor Furnace with enhanced safety protocols


ATV's PEO-604 is a 230mm diameter quartz tube, where the process tube, thermal insulation and heaters are enclosed within an N2 purged and interlocked enclosure, to enable processing of hazardous and flammable materials. In addition to standard oxidation, annealing, diffusion processes etc., the system is designed for:

Processes with pyrophoric gases
Processes with inflammable gases
Processes with toxic gases
Processes with precursors


The equipment features include:

  • Proven ATV quality, components and reliability
  • Up to 200mm wafers (max. 50 pieces)
  • Chamber size: 230mmØ, 370mm depth approx. 15.4 l
  • Advanced temperature uniformity (±1.5°C over 150mm batch)
  • Hermetically sealed furnace body
  • 1100°C maximum operating temperature
  • Oxygen <1ppm with 2 x vacuum N2 back fill routine
  • Up to 100 process steps per reflow profile
  • Unlimited Process Recipes
  • Designed for through wall installation possible
  • Easy to access service doors
  • Safe and easy operation
  • Low energy and gas consumption
  • Maximum three input gas lines with digital flow-meters

ATV In-liner Concept Overview:

PEO Furnace Inliner Concept
PEO Furnace Quartz Tube

PEO-603/604 and 612 In liner principle for wet/dry thermal oxidation and annealing with gas inlet through door bell jar ball joint into In Liner – by this clean atmosphere is maintained inside it, scarifying the original
process tube


• Run multiple processes in the same furnace

• Prevents cross contamination across different processes

• Prevents deposition outside in-liner

• In-liners are replaceable without leak-check

• Up to 150mm wafers

• Flexible with wafer boats

• Easy to replace

PEO-604 Example Applications Summary:

Quartz Tube Semiconductor Oxidation Furnace by ATV
Wafer Oxidation Furnace by ATV

Wet and Dry Wafer Oxidation Furnace by ATV

TEOS Oxide Furnace by ATV

SEM micrograph of grown graphene

Thermal oxidation of silicon #1

• Wet oxidation using H2O bubbler for various applications e.g. MEMS
• Thick oxides e.g. 3 μm SiO2 (30h at 1100°C)
• Automatic water refill setup


Thermal oxidation of silicon #2

• High quality oxides for e.g. Gate applications
• sophisticated external torch system for safely ultra-pure steam generation
• Sematech approved for introduction of DCE through the injector
• Use of DCE at lower temperatures


Low Temperature Oxide

• Diethylsilane (SiH2(C2H5)2 with O2
• LPCVD at 350-450°C
• Interlevel dielectric, over metal passivation glass
• Silane with O2
• Use of diluted silane possible (2% SiH4 in N2)
• 400 – 450 °C, 100 – 300 Pa


TEOS Oxide

• Tetraethyl Orthosilicate (Si(C2H5O)4
• LPCVD at 650-750°C, up to 20 nm/min deposition rate
• Trench fill, inter-level dielectric
• Direct vapour draw delivery
• Advanced vaporizer system


High Temperature Oxide:

• SiH4 or SiH2Cl2 with N2O
• LPCVD at 800-900°C, 50 – 150 Pa
• Use of diluted silane possible (e.g. 2% SiH4 in N2)



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Wet Oxidation, Dry Oxidation, P Type Diffusion, N Type Diffusion, Annealing, Vacuum Baking, Thick Film Firing, Glass Paste Firing, and Multiple Processes without cross contamination by ATV's easily replaceable Quartz In-liner System. LPCVD, CVD, Epitaxy, Polysilicon, Silicon Nitride, LTO, TEOS, solid/liquid/gas precursor diffusion, low k, HSQ, HMDS, Pyrogenic oxidation, VECSEL, MOCVD, Trans LC, Si nano wires, post implanting annealing, carbon nano tubes, Graphene, solar cell, batch ALD, Polyimide/BCB curing, wafer bump reflow, alloying, thick film paste firing, LTCC sintering, annealing under inert atmosphere/Hydrogen/high vacuum, Tellurium/Se/Hg PVD, Thick Film Ceramic Firing etc.

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