K&S 4522 Analog Gold Ball Wire Bonder For Bonding Gold or Copper Wires


Note: This model is no longer manufactured and is only available now as a refurbished system.

The 4522 from MPP (formerly K&S Manual Wire Bonders Division) is now obsolete and available only as a used/refurbished model. Please contact us for further information, available stock or servicing requirements.

The system is an advanced bench-top manual gold ball wire bonder with operator initiated controls and analog adjustments, which allow rapid adjustment of individual bonding parameters.

The system is capable of ultrasonically bonding gold wires from 18 - 75 micron. A system features a large bonding area up to 6 x 6", consistent ball size control via negative EFO, missing ball detection with auto-stop and advanced loop controls. A copper conversion kit is also available.

The 4522 advantages include:

  • Incorporates proven quality, components and reliability
  • Excellent bond quality to a wide variety of materials
  • Suitable for Gold or Copper Ball Bonding
  • Excellent results in tight geometries and looping
  • Can also be configured for Ball Bumping / TAB bonding
  • Programmable auto stepback distance from 1st to 2nd bond
  • Large bonding area 152x152mm
  • Ball bonding in thermo-compression applications
  • Bonds gold wire: 18-76 microns (0.7-3 mil) dia.
  • Bonds copper wire: 18-50 microns (0.7-2 mil) dia. (option)
  • Fine pitch bonding, minimum pad size of 25 X 25 microns
  • Consistent ball size control with missing ball detector system
  • Deep access option (0.0650" length Capillary)
  • Extremely simple to learn and operate
  • Large installed user base and spare parts availability

4522 Equipment Features & Specifications

K&S 4526 Fine Pitch Bonding Application
K&S 4526 Ribbon Bonding Application
K&S 4526 Wire Bonder

Gold Wire Range:

18 to 76 microns (0.7 to 3 mil/thou)

Copper Wire Range:

18 to 50microns (0.7 to 2 mil/thou)

Spool Size:

50.8 mm (2 inch)

Bonding area:

152 X 152 mm (6 X 6 inch)

Throat depth:

143 mm (5.6 inch)

Gross Table motion:

140 mm (5.5 inch)

Fine Table motion:

14 mm (0.55 inch)

Mouse ratio:


Z motion system:

DC servo / LVDT control

Z travel:

8.4 mm (330 mil) option 12.7 mm (500 mil)

Ultrasonic system:

High Q60 KHz Transducer & PLL Ultrasonic Generator

Low Ultrasonic power:

1.3 W

High Ultrasonic power:

2.5 W

Bond Time:

Ball Bonding/Bumping 20-200 mSec
Single Point TAB 20-1000 mSec

Bond force:

Force coil 10-160 gr.

Wire termination:

Clamp Tear

Ball formation system:

Negative E.F.O.

Missing ball system:

Indication and Auto-stop

Modes of operation:

Semi-Auto, Manual "Z", Ball bonding, Ball Bumping, Single Point TAB and Coining

Temperature Controller:

Integrated up to 250 (+/-0.5) C


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