4526 Manual Wedge Bonder


Note: This model is no longer manufactured and is only available now as a refurbished system.

The 4526 manual wedge bonder by MPP (formerly K&S Manual Wire Bonders Division) is now obsolete and available only as a used/refurbished model. Please contact us for further information, available stock or servicing requirements.

The system is extremely simple to set-up and for ease of use incorporates analog controls, which allow rapid adjustment of individual bonding parameters.

The system is capable of ultrasonically bonding a wide range of gold / aluminium wires and ribbons from 12 - 75 micron wire through 25 x 250micron ribbon. A motorised Y axis with auto-stepback provides controlled wire length and repeatable loop formation. In addition, the system has a large working area and table motion, with excellent Z axis clearance, for bonding small through large devices.

The 4526 advantages include:

  • Incorporates proven quality, components and reliability
  • Excellent bond quality to a wide variety of materials
  • One bond head supports deep access and standard bonding
  • Excellent results in tight geometries and looping
  • Programmable auto stepback distance from 1st to 2nd bond
  • Large bonding area 134x134mm
  • Motorized wire clamp ensures precise control
  • Bonds aluminium wire: 20-76 microns (0.8-3 mil) diameter.
  • Bonds gold wire: 12-76 microns (0.5-3 mil) diameter.
  • Au or Al ribbon bonding capability to 25x250microns.
  • Excellent tail length control with 30° or 45° wire feed angle
  • Real time fine adjustment of movements on the front panel
  • Extremely simple to learn and operate
  • Large installed user base and spare parts availability

4526 Equipment Features & Specifications

K&S 4526 Bonding Application
K&S 4526 Ribbon Bonding Application
K&S 4526 Fine Pitch Bonding Application
K&S 4526 Wire Bonder

Gold Wire Range:

12 to 76 microns (0.5 to 3 mil/thou)

Aluminum Wire Range:

20 to 76microns (0.8 to 3 mil/thou)

Ribbon Size Range:

Option up to 25X250microns (1X10 mil/thou)

Spool Size:

12.7 mm (0.5 inch), Option: 50.8 mm (2 inch)

Bonding area:

134 X 134 mm (5.3 X 5.3 inch)

Throat depth:

143 mm (5.6 inch)

Gross Table motion:

140 mm (5.5 inch)

Fine Table motion:

14 mm (0.55 inch)

Mouse ratio:


Z motion system:

DC servo / LVDT control

Z Low reset level:

6.6 mm (260 mil)

Z High reset level:

12.7 mm (500 mil)

Ultrasonic system:

High Q60 KHz Transducer & PLL Ultrasonic Generator

Low Ultrasonic power:

1.3 W

High Ultrasonic power:

2.5 W

Bond Time:

10-100 mSec. / 10-1000 mSec.

Bond force:

Force coil 10-160 gr.

Wire termination:

Clamp Tear

Wire feed angle:

30/45 degrees, option: 90 degrees

Modes of operation:

Semi-Auto, Manual "Z" & Stitch

Temperature Controller:

Integrated up to 250 (+/-0.5) C


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