With extensive experience in manufacturing high-precision bonding tools, MPP have recently purchased and incorporated the former Kulicke & Soffa manual wire bonder division into their Company. The MPP range of manual wire bonders includes manual and semi-automatic systems for gold ball, wedge and ribbon bonding.

The equipment is used for process development, production or research of microelectronic and related device interconnect. The systems provide excellent ease of use, optimum bond quality and repeatability, plus the reliability needed for the most challenging bonding applications.

MPP wire bonders are available with Semi-automatic and manual operation modes, individual bond parameter control and capacity for a wide range of fine wire diameters enable ease of use in gold ball bonding, ball bumping, coining, security bonding, single-point TAB, thermosonic, aluminium or gold wedge and ribbon bonding applications.

Product range overview


iBond5000 Wedge Bonder

The iBond5000Wedge is the latest generation of manual wedge bonder from MPP for ultrasonic fine wire bonding using Wedge, Stitch or Ribbon processes with aluminium, gold or copper bonding wires.

The equipment's mechanical design is based on the proven 4500 series, resulting in excellent yield and repeatability required for high-end applications including: Optoelectronic Modules, Hybrids/MCMs, Microwave Products, Discrete Devices/Lasers, Chip-on-boards, Leads, Sensors and High Power Devices.

iBond5000 Convertible Ball and Wedge Bonder

The iBond5000Ball is an advanced manual wire bonder for gold ball bonding (copper optional) used throughout research & development laboratories, Universities, engineering and production facilities.

Designed to produce repeatable, high-quality wire bonds on a wide range of materials and products, the system features advanced electronics, Windows CE control software and a modern touch-screen user interface.

iBond5000 Convertible Ball and Wedge Bonder

The iBond5000Dual enables fine aluminium and gold wire wedge or ribbon bonding utilising a deep access wire feed system. For gold or copper ball bonding, the system features a Patented N-EFO to generate the ball bond, which is mounted on a unique swing arm assembly, providing simplified changeover between bonding modes.

An internal bonding profiles library, which includes a bonding wires database, further enhances the ease of use and caters for various applications.

Refurbished Kulicke and Soffa Wire Bonders From K&S Manual 2nd User Wire Bonding Equipment

Legacy K&S Manual Wire Bonders

Fully refurbished 2nd user Kulicke and Soffa (K&S) manual ultrasonic gold ball and wedge wire bonding equipment. Systems carry up to six months Parts & Labour warranty and are fully overhauled by K&S trained engineers using genuine OEM parts. Full service and support for these models is also available.

Refurbished systems include:

4526 Wedge Bonder with analog controls (most recent model)

4522 Ball Bonder with analog controls (most recent model)

4523AD Wedge Bonder with digital controls (most recent model)

4524AD Ball Bonder with digital controls (most recent model)

4123/6 Manual Wedge Bonder (previous model)

4124 Ball Bonder (previous model)

Please contact us for further information and available models.


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