Plasma Etch manufacture an extensive range of bench-top plasma cleaning and plasma etching equipment, from compact low-cost models to large plasma cleaning and etching systems, for up to 300x375mm (12x15") devices.

Table-top versions are available with either PLC (PE Series) or Windows (Venus Series) control systems, all models feature automatic operation and parallel RF electrodes for optimum performance and repeatable results. These robust, reliable and affordable machines are suitable for use in research and development labs, testing & sterilisation facilities, Universities and low to medium volume production environments.

Product range overview


PE-25 Low Cost Bench-top Plasma Cleaning System

The system is user friendly and produces consistent, repeatable results. All timed events (pump-down, plasma, gas stabilization and vent) can be easily programmed, with a one button operation initiating the sequence. System features include:


- Low cost entry level system

- PLC Control with automatic processing sequence

- Robust aluminium chamber

- Optional plasma etching 13.56MHz RF source

- For processing up to 75x150mm (3x6") Samples

PE-50 Bench-top Plasma Cleaner

This advanced compact system offers many features not found in competitive units. This plasma cleaner is made for smaller production facilities, research and development labs & Universities. System features include:


- Compact design

- PLC control system with recipe storage

- Two gas input lines

- Optional plasma etching 13.56MHz RF source

- For processing up to 100x150mm (4x6") Samples

PE-50XL Bench-top Plasma Cleaning System

The system has all the features as the PE-50, however it comes with a bigger electrode and chamber, for those looking to process larger applications. System features include:


- Continuously adjustable power range

- Parallel plate electrode for optimum plasma

- PLC control with simple adjustment of stored parameters

- Optional plasma etching 13.56MHz RF source

- For processing up to 175mm (7") samples

PE-75 Plasma Cleaner

Our largest entry level plasma system, ideal for ashing photo-resist from wafers up to 200m; lower power systems are also available for cleaning or etching applications. System features include:


- Small footprint table-top system

- Direct Drive Pump (Oxygen capable; Krytox Charged)

- PLC control system with alphanumeric display

- RF source for plasma ashing / resist stripping

- For processing up to 200mm (8") samples

Plasma Cleaning and Etching Equipment - Venus Series By Plasma Etch Inc.

The automated Venus Series have all the features of the standard PE Systems but include Windows software for greater control over the plasma process, in-place of the PLC. System features include:


- PC control system for automated processing

- Precise gas flow control

- Process data logging

- Unlimited recipe storage

- Venus equivalents available for all PE models

PE-100 Bench-top Reactive Ion Plasma Etching and Cleaning Systems

The system is a complete plasma cleaning / Reactive Ion Etching machine with vacuum pump designed to be robust and reliable yet inexpensive enough to allow start-up companies, medical labs and R&D facilities the opportunity to experience Plasma Etch technology.

PE-200 Compact Plasma Etcher

The PE-200 is an industrial strength bench top plasma etching system supplied with an oxygen service vacuum pump. This robust, reliable and yet quite affordable system was developed for the busy 24/7 manufacturing firm that cannot have downtime.


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