BT1 Industrial Plasma Cleaning System


The BT-I plasma surface treatment system is one of Plasma Etch's most popular and versatile cleaning, plasma etching, and RIE (Reactive Ion Etching) systems. It is presently in operation throughout the world in a multitude of different markets. For example, it is found being used extensively in the medical, semiconductor, electronics, PCB (printed circuit board), industrial manufacturing, and solar markets. When plasma cleaning your product, whether it be small or large plastic parts, medical implants, wafers or electronic components, you will find that all are uniformly treated in the BT-1.

The BT-1 is available in two unique processing configurations:

  1. Regular Plasma Cleaner or Plasma Etcher plasma processing mode
  2. RIE - Reactive Ion Etch plasma processing mode

The large all-aluminium chamber accommodates a generously sized active plasma cleaning surface; our standard configuration of five levels of processing shelves provides 13548cm² (2100 square inches) of useable plasma processing area. The console’s compact footprint takes up very little space for the work it accomplishes and the system is supplied with a vacuum pump especially prepared for oxygen service. The BT-1 also comes standard with Touch Screen Controls, which makes processing extremely easy.

BT-1 features include:

  • Welded Aluminium Vacuum Chamber
  • Chamber Dimensions 625w x 625d x 525h mm
  • Five 500mm (20”) wide x 525 (21”) electrode shelves
  • Horizontal electrode shelves on 75mm (3”) spacing
  • 600 Watt RF generator @ 13.56 MHz
  • Automatic Matching Network
  • One 500 SCCM Mass Flow Controller
  • Pirini Vacuum Gauge. Range 0-1 Torr
  • Microprocessor Control System with Touch Screen
  • 20 Two-step recipe storage
  • 29 CFM Oxygen service Vacuum pump
  • 3 Microns Vacuum Pump Oil Filtration
  • Plasma Console 1.75 x 0.9 x 0.8M (70x36x32”)
  • System Weight 545Kg (1200lbs)
  • Vacuum Pump 0.4 x 0.75 x 0.425M (16x30x17”)
  • Vacuum Pump Weight 68Kg (150lbs)
  • Compressed Air Service 80-100 PSI, 0.5 CFM
  • Regulated Process Gases 15 PSI

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