Manual Wafer Probing Equipment, Probe System for Life (PS4L) by SemiProbe


  • Modular design, configured to suit customer requirements
  • Based on the Probe System for Life (PS4L) Platform
  • Field upgradeable with motorised stages, thermal chucks etc.
  • 100, 150, 200, 300 and 450mm versions
  • Very simple to learn and quick to operate

SemiProbe produce a range of manual wafer prober's suitable for Universities, Research & Development facilities, Laboratories and for low volume probe test & characterisation requirements, including the Manual Probe System For Life and low-cost LAB Assistant.

The modular Probe System For Life (PS4L) platform, unique to SemiProbe, can be configured for manual wafer probing applications (MA) according to budget or initial requirements, for individual die up to 450mm wafers. Unlike traditional probe systems, all foundation modules – bases, stages, chucks, microscope mounts, microscope movements, optics, manipulators and more - are interchangeable, making the PS4L the consummate solution for many different applications.

This unique design also enables customers to acquire probe test capabilities that precisely match their requirements. More important, as the environment or test conditions change, customers with a manual wafer probers can field upgrade them with enhanced testing features or levels of automation, turning a manual prober into a semi-automatic or even fully automatic system. With this design philosophy, PS4L customers realise substantial time and cost savings over traditional probe systems, because they do not need to invest in a new platform when wafer size, levels of automation or test requirements change.

Manual Probe System for Life overview:

  • Modular Upgradable Design
  • Configured to suit customer applications or budget
  • 100, 150, 200, 300 & 450mm Versions
  • Optical Breadboard (Bench-top) or Vibration Table Bases (Free-standing)
  • Rapid advance Manual X-Y stages
  • Coaxial, Triaxial, HF or Double Sided Wafer Chucks
  • Ambient or Thermal Chucks & Localized Environmental Chambers
  • Extensive range of Manual or Programmable Manipulators
  • Coax, triax, HF & Kelvin Probe Arms or Probe Card Holders
  • Microscope Movements: Manual, Programmable or Gantry
  • Sterozoom, Compound Optics or Zoom Tubes etc.


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