SemiProbe manufacture customised and application specific probing solutions, including:

  • Automatic Vacuum Probers (AVP)
  • Magnetic Stimulation Systems
  • Research Assistant Environmental Systems
  • Double Sided Probing Systems
  • Optoelectronic Systems
  • Fully Automatic Systems

From R & D to production, SemiProbe’s specialty probers provide cost effective solutions to perform the challenging tests that new applications and products require. SemiProbe are dedicated to finding solutions that help lower your cost of test.

Product range overview

Semi-automatic Wafer Prober For 100mm Devices
Semi-automatic Wafer Prober 150mm / 6 inch Systems
8 inch - 200mm Semi-automatic Probing Systems
8 inch - 200mm Semi-automatic Probing Systems
8 inch - 200mm Semi-automatic Probing Systems
8 inch - 200mm Semi-automatic Probing Systems

Automatic Vacuum Prober (AVP)

The automatic vacuum prober (AVP) is a fully automatic vacuum probing system designed for high volume production test of any device which requires vacuum atmosphere for accurate testing. IR sensors, accelerometers, micro-bolometers and other devices affected by the resistance of normal atmosphere on the device can be tested before expensive packaging. The AVP design is expandable, has redundant vacuum systems and will test wafers up to 300 mm. Capabilities include:

  • Vacuum to 10-6 torr.
  • Expandable design grows with your requirements
  • Redundant vacuum systems for high reliability
  • Quad and Hex Base units for expanded capacity
  • Choice of Optics
  • Single control station
  • Wafers up to 300 mm

Magnetic Stimulation Probing System

The PS4L-MSS (Probe System for Life™ Magnetic Stimulation System) is designed to enable the researcher the ability to move a magnetic source under the DUT (within 3 mm) and control the location of that magnetic source in X, Y, Z and theta. In addition, standard probe station X, Y, Z and theta controls are available on the DUT.

Research Assistant Environmental System

The Research Assistant is a probing system that has interchangeable vacuum, cryogenic and high temperature modules. It has the option to be either a single or multi-purpose tool. Individual modules are easily swapped out as required. The basic system is a vacuum prober that is ideal for MEMS, MOEMS and NEMS researchers. The available modules are Vacuum (vacuum to 10-3 torr), Cryogenic ( -150°C to +250°C) and High Temperature ( > 1,000°C).

Double Sided Probing Systems

SemiProbe manufactures a line of manual and semiautomatic double sided probing systems (DSP) used primarily for Failure Analysis and MEMS applications. The DSP system allows the user the flexibility to probe from the top and bottom sides. In some cases an emission microscope or a solar simulator will be mounted on one side and the other side would be the bias or electrical stimulation side. The DSP has both topside and bottom side optics that provides the ability to view both sides independently or at the same side.

Optoelectronic Systems

SemiProbe has pioneered new methods and capabilities for testing optoelectronic components at wafer level and has extensive experience testing light emitting diodes (LED), vertical cavity surface emitting lasers (VCSEL) and photo diodes. Our unique integrating sphere holder enables users to utilize the same PS4L system for horizontal (EELD) and vertical (VCSEL, LED) testing in either a manual or semiautomatic configuration. We have created wafer maps capable of mapping > 100k die, unique chuck systems to handle fragile or broken wafers, high speed stages and software to increase throughput.

Fully Automatic Wafer Probe Systems

SemiProbe provides a family of fully automatic wafer probing systems with several unique models to choose from. They are all robust, high speed probing solutions equipped with cassette holders for wafers up to 300 mm, pre-aligners, and robotic systems with end effectors designed specifically for the application. The Known Good Die Stretch Frame systems automatically load diced wafers on stretch frame, rapidly learns the position of each die (X, Y, Theta), and probes them at high speed. It is self-tuning for stable and repeatable probe marks. All models support inking, mapping and contact sense. The easy to learn and use PILOT control software makes the systems easy to setup, interface to and operate.


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