Inseto Microelectronics Equipment Division


Inseto's Equipment Division provides manufacturing, test and inspection equipment for the Electronic, Microelectronic, Photonic, Photovoltaic and Semiconductor industries etc., including lithography equipment for mask alignment, resist coating and development, semiconductor furnaces, wafer bonders, probing systems, dicing saws and diamond scribing machines, die bonders and sorters, inspection equipment, ultrasonic wire bonding machines, plasma cleaners and etching systems, vacuum solder reflow ovens, material testers for wire pull and shear testing etc.

Full technical support including process, operation and maintenance is provided, with extensively trained field personnel and information databases. Training either at Inseto's training facility or onsite, can be provided to maximise equipment productivity and optimise quality of results.



A world leader in the development and manufacture of dicing saws, laser scribing systems & blades used in the dicing of Silicon-based Semiconductor Wafers and hard materials including Glass, Ceramics, Ferrites, MEMS and in Package Singulation.

Wafer Mounters:

Manual and Semi-automatic Dicing Saws:

Fully Automatic Dicing Saws:

Peripheral Dicing Equipment:

Dicing Consumables:

Flexible microelectronic pick & place systems, die bonding equipment and die sorting machines in manual-inline configurations. Automation systems for Microelectronics assembly processes including pick & place, dispensing, UV & snap curing, eutectic soldering, flip chip etc.

Automatic Die Attach Equipment:


ATV manufacture a range of equipment for various thermal processes, including rapid ramping furnaces, vacuum solder reflow equipment, LTCC sintering presses, atomic layer deposition equipment, as well as diamond scribing systems for wafers and other devices.

Vacuum Soldering Ovens:

Multipurpose Wafer/Substrate Furnaces:

Sintering Press:

  • PHP Sintering Press

Wafer, Substrate & Glass Scribers:

Kulicke and Soffa (K&S) Manufacture modern automatic gold ball and bump bonders, automatic Wedge and Ribbon Bonders (Orthodyne Wedge Bond Division) and automatic thermo-compression die bonding equipment, plus dicing blades and capillaries.

Automatic Ball Bonders:

Automatic "Orthodyne" Wedge & Ribbon Bonders:


Die Bonding Attach Equipment:

  • Advanced Thermo-compression Die Packaging Equipment

Consumable Products:

Formerly the Kulicke & Soffa manual wire bonder division, MPP's range of manual wire bonders includes manual and semi-automatic systems for gold ball, wedge and ribbon bonding.

Manual Wire Bonders:

Manufacturers of wire bond testing equipment for wire pull test, bond shear and die shear, stud pull, fine pitch shear testing with high accuracy, repeatability and ease of use

Manual Bond Testing Equipment:

Automated Bond Testing Equipment:

SemiProbe is a global supplier of manual to automatic probing and testing solutions for microelectronics, MEMS, nanotechnology, chemistry, microfluidics, optoelectronics, photovoltaics and more.

Manual Probe Station

Semiautomatic Probe Systems:

Fully Automatic Probe Systems:

Application Specific & Custom Probing Equipment:

Manufacturers of high quality lithography, laser ablation and wafer bonding equipment renowned for its exceptional quality of results and longevity. Equipment includes Mask Aligners, Coaters and Developers, Projection Scanners, Excimer Laser Steppers, Precision Wafer Hotplates, Mask Cleaning Systems and Wafer bonders.

Tresky AG

Manufacturers of high quality manual and semiautomatic equipment renowned for its exceptional ergonomics and flexibility used for component pick and place and die bonding.

Manual Die Bonding & Sorting Equipment:

Technical Customer Services by highly skilled factory trained engineers providing: Application Engineering, Preventative Maintenance & Support Contracts, Emergency Breakdown Service, Training Courses, Process Assistance & Development, Annual Calibrations etc. All services are carried out and Certified in accordance with our ISO9001:2008 Accreditation.

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