ADT manufacture a wide selection of annular dicing blades & accessories for your most challenging applications. Their blade selection is comprised of three product families distinguished by the type of binder: Resin-bond Blades, Nickel-bond Blades and Metal-bond (Sintered) Blades.

The dicing blades are composed of abrasive materials embedded in either resin or metal matrix. Resin bond Blades are cured under pressure and high temperature, Metal-bond Blades are sintered and Nickel-bond Blades are manufactured using a tightly controlled electroforming process.

Dicing Blade Overview


Resin-bond Dicing Blades

Resin-bond Dicing Blades

  • Resin as binder allows for blade wear management rendering
  • Excellent choice for hard and brittle materials such as: QFN/MLF, Thick Ceramic Substrates, HTCC and Glass
  • Resin Blade thickness varies from 3 mil to 100 mil (depending on diamond grit size)
  • Diamond grit size ranges from 3 microns to 250 microns (depending on blade thickness)
Nickel Bonded Dicing Blade

Nickel Bonded Dicing Blade

  • The Nickel binder provides longer blade life and lower wear rate
  • Ideal for soft material applications such as: PCB, Silicon and BGA
  • Blade thickness varies from 0.8 mil to 20 mil (depending on diamond grit size)
  • Diamond grit size ranges from 2-4 microns to 70 microns (depending on blade thickness)
Metal-bond (Sintered) Blades

Metal-bond (Sintered) Blades

  • Slower wear rate than Resin but faster than Nickel
  • Best suited for retaining package shape and size in applications such as: BGA, Soft Alumina, TiC, LTCC and Ferrite
  • Blade thickness varies from 3 mil to 60 mil (depending on diamond grit size)
  • Diamond grit size ranges from 2 microns to 70 microns (depending on blade thickness)
Flanges and Accessories

Flanges & Accessories


Available for all blade types in the range of 2"- 5". ADT's extensive line of flanges exhibits high-accuracy, excellent performance, ease-of-use and affordability, including:

  • 2"-3" Flanges; Single Blade Flange Sets 40 mm Blade I.D. (1.575")
  • 4" Flanges; Single Blade Flange Sets 88 mm Blade I.D. (3.497")
  • 4 Inch Flange Handling Kit
  • Dynamic balancing of Flange set
  • High Cooling Flange set
  • Multi Gang Blades Flange set

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Advanced Dicing Technologies Ltd. (ADT) is a world leader in the development and manufacture of dicing saws and laser scribing systems, dicing blades and processes used in the dicing of Silicon-based Semiconductor Wafers and hard materials including Glass, Ceramics, Ferrites, MEMS and in package singulation.


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