Advanced Integrated Technologies (AIT) has been manufacturing precision parallel gap resistance welding electrodes and reflow solder tools since 1975 and has grown to be largest manufacturer of these parts in the world.

OEM equivalent products fit all welding, soldering and bonding equipment from leading manufacturers, including Unitek, Miyachi, MacGregor, Hughes, Palomar and Avio etc., with many tools also being manufactured to meet custom specific applications. AIT has the capability to machine parts as small as 0.0014" (35µm) ± 0.0001" (2.5µm).

Five reasons to purchase your parallel gap resistance welding electrodes and solder reflow / hot bar thermodes from us:

  • Evaluation samples available
  • Shorter delivery lead times
  • Lower prices than the OEM
  • Our quality is guaranteed
  • Custom designs are no problem

Product range overview

AIT Welding Electrodes

An extensive range of OEM equivalent and custom designed Micro resistance welding electrodes (parallel gap electrodes) in either square shank or round shank designs. The round shank electrodes are either single point style used for straight through welding, or they are parallel gap electrodes which are bonded to a fixed size insulator. Examples of this are AIT’s S22 and S23 style electrodes which are equivalent to the Unitek Unibond C series electrodes. All other styles of micro resistance welding electrodes are square shank parallel gap, and are available either bonded to an insulator, or separate as two individual halves for customers who can set the gap spacing with their electrode holder.

Reflow Soldering Tools

Resistance Reflow Soldering (hot bar bonding process) for all available equipment at affordable prices. AIT has been the industry leading manufacturer of resistance reflow soldering thermodes, hot bars and resistance welding electrodes for many years now. AIT utilises a full climate controlled inspection department to ensure high quality tools. Tools can be built to customer specifications and designs, or designed for your application.


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Air Bags, Air Bag Detonators, Anti-skid Brake Systems, Electronic Assemblies, Hearing Aids, Intravenous Catheters, Pacemakers, X-Ray Tubes, Battery Fabrication, Battery Packs, Button Cells, Cellular Phones, Laptop Computers, Halide Arc Lamps, Mercury Arc Lamps, Filament Support Wire, Starter Wire to Foil, Sub-Assembly Support Wires, Electronic Components, Connector to Fine Wire Assembly, Mechanical Relays, Microwave Packages, Military Avionics, Potentiometers, Circuit Board Repair, Substrate Links etc.

Industry Segments

Automotive, Medical, Batteries, Lamps, PCB Assembly, Electronic Components, Microelectronic, Microwave, RF, Photonic Assembly, Military & Civil Aviation, Telecommunications, Satellite / Space, Electronics, Oil Exploration & Production, High Reliability Industrial Manufacturing

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