Egide is a European-based manufacturer of leading-edge high reliability hermetic packages, housings and enclosures. Founded in France in 1986, Egide has evolved to become a marquee name in the world of hermetic packages for critical applications.

In its state-of-the-art manufacturing in Bollène, France, Egide manufactures both ceramic-sealed and glass-sealed hermetic packages. A 500m2 Class 10,000 cleanroom designed specifically for treatment of raw ceramic ensures that the entire ceramic manufacturing process is completely controlled in-house. The same facility provides assembly, surface treatment and full control of glass-sealed packages, and includes Egide’s own glass bead manufacturing process.

Other capabilities include ovens for high temperature (1,600C) sintering of ceramics and molded components, computer-controlled diamond saws, machines for edge screen-printing, vacuum soldering ovens, and computer-controlled electroplating lines – all plating is carried out in-house. Graphite tooling is manufactured in-house, as is metal machining, allowing total control of all processes. Hermeticity-testing, dimensional verification equipment, and thermal cycling machines ensure post-assembly quality.

Certified to both ISO 9001:2008 & ISO 14001:2004, Egide offers consistently high quality products that are manufactured in an environmentally-friendly environment. All Egide products are manufactured to the industry-standard MIL-STD-883.

Product range overview


Egide Glass-To-Metal-Seal (GTMS) and Ceramic-to-Metal-Seal (CTMS) packages for High Power Microelectronic applications

Power Packages

Egide provides both Glass-To-Metal-Seal (GTMS) and Ceramic-to-Metal-Seal (CTMS) packages for high power applications. Copper-cored pins allow for high current ratings that meet the most demanding applications. Thermal conductivity is assured by choosing the base material of choice – Tungsten-Copper or Moly-Copper are the usual customer choice, but other highly-thermally conductive base materials are also available.

Egide RF and Microwave Packages

RF and Microwave Packages

Egide designs and manufactures a wide variety of RF packages for various markets. Its state-of-the-art RF simulation capability, combined with in-house ceramic technology and assembly processes, ensures that the most demanding applications are met for hermeticity, high frequency, and thermal management. RF designs can use either KovarTM or aluminium materials as standard, and in-house electroless and electrolytic plating complete the process.

Egide Thermal Imaging HTCC Packages

Thermal Imaging HTCC Packages

Egide custom-designs and manufactures packages for the thermal imaging market based upon its proven HTCC technology. This ensures tight dimensional control and problem-free integration of the assemblies. All devices are tested for Hermeticity to 10-10 cm3/s atm, and plated copper tracks can be added for high power applications. TEC’s, getters, and copper pinch-off tubes can be added to complete the assembly.

Egide Optoelectronic Packages

Optoelectronic Packages

Egide’s optoelectronic packages are used extensively in high-speed telecommunications networks, data centre interconnections, gyroscopes, gas sensing and thermal imaging. Both GTMS and CTMS options are offered, as well as in-house manufactured RF terminals and DC pin assemblies. Egide also works closely with customers on their own bespoke designs.

Egide Bathtub Packages & Flatpacks

Bathtub Packages & Flatpacks

Egide offers comprehensive solutions to the more traditional hybrid thick-film technologies. A wide range of bathtub packages (sometimes called “plug-ins”) and flatpacks, usually made from KovarTM with gold-over-nickel plating, compliments more specialised requirements in the Power & RF markets.

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High Reliability Hermetic Packages, Microelectronic Hybrid Housings, Power Semiconductor Assemblies, Microwave Assemblies, Optical Packages, Thermal Imaging Sensors etc.

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Wireless, Internet Infrastructure, Military, Aerospace, Industrial, Telecommunications, Fibre Optics / Photonic Assembly, Microwave Electronics, Microelectronics, Power Semiconductor Assembly, Semiconductor Back-end Assembly etc.


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