Inseto Microelectronics Materials Division


Inseto's Consumable Division provides assembly materials and machine consumables for the Semiconductor, Microelectronic, Electronic, Photonic, RF and Hybrid assembly industries etc.

Products & services include: semiconductor & silica wafers, sub-contract wafer bumping grinding & dicing, bonding wires & ribbons, plated wire & ribbons, precision stampings, solder spheres & preforms , hermetic glass & ceramic packages, thick film materials, metalised thin film substrates, thermal dissipation materials, welding electrodes & thermodes, plus bonding wedges, capillaries, die collets & dicing blades etc.include gold, aluminium, copper and silver bonding wires and bonding ribbons, precision metal stampings, solder preforms, hermetic glass & ceramic sealed packages, thick film materials (thick film inks), metallised thin film and precision machined ceramics, thermal dissipation materials, welding electrodes and thermodes and die / wire bond assembly consumables including wedges, capillaries and collets, dicing blades etc.



Leading manufacturers of high-quality dicing consumables including hubless blades for cutting soft, hard and brittle materials, dicing blade flanges for mounting hubless blades and dressing boards for blade preparation.

Hubless Dicing Blades & Accessories:


Manufacturer of catalogue and custom resistance welding electrodes and hot bar soldering thermodes, in a comprehensive range of materials for all makes and models of equipment (equivalent tables available).

Welding Electrodes & Hot Bar Reflow Soldering Thermodes:

ATP fabricates thin film circuits on substrates from As-Fired Alumina to Beryllium to Fused Silica & Silicon, with metallisation including Tan/TiW/Au to films including Ni, Pd & Ti. with a quick turn-around according to customers specific requirements.

Thin Film Circuits:

DELO manufacture an extensive range of adhesives with high ionic purity for joining and encapsulation of microelectronic and related applications, including silver filled epoxies, light activated epoxies, heat cured glob-tops etc.

Die Attach Adhesives & Glob Top Materials:

Manufacturer of ceramic and glass sealed Hermetic Packages for traditional electronic applications, power electronics, high-frequency and RF circuits, telecommunications devices for the fibre-optic industry, and HTCC assemblies for thermal imaging requirements.

Glass & Ceramic Sealed Hermetic Packages, HTCC assemblies, machined Kovar housings:

Following the acquisition of IDB Technologies Ltd, a specialist in the supply of high-quality semiconductor wafers & substrate materials, Inseto can now supply a wide range of wafers with next day delivery from a large UK stock and many other wafers can be provided typically within 2 - 3 weeks. We also process wafers including oxidised and nitride coating, patterned and diced wafers all on rapid turnaround.

Semiconductor Wafers, Substrates and Processing:

Thick film polymer inks, pastes & glazes, including silver based and gold based conductors, dielectrics, resistors, thermistors & capacitor materials, plug pastes & etchable conductors.

Thick Film Hybrid Inks, Pastes & Glazes:

High quality gold & copper wire bonding capillaries and Semitec (hubbed) dicing blades.

Ball Bonding Capillaries & Wafer Dicing Blades:


High quality wire bonding tools including wedges, die collets and pickup tools etc. custom and OEM equivalents for all makes of bonding equipment.

Die and Wire Bonding Tools:

Manufacturer of high thermal conductivity metals and of seal frames for hermetic packaging, including copper tungsten, silvar, copper moly, and metal-matrix heat sinks.

High Thermal Conductivity Materials and Multi-Layer Ceramic Packages:

Spectrum Semiconductor Materials, Inc. is the worls leading stocking distributor of metal, ceramic and plastic semiconductor packages & lids catering for small-medium lot orders.

Ceramic Packages, Lids & TO-Headers:


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