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MPP & KnS Manual Workholder Setup

Workholder Setup: Adjusting the correct working height for a Micro Point Pro (MPP) or Kulicke and Soffa (K&S) manual wire bonder workholder (IKB-006)

Workholder Setup: Height Adjustment and Setup

  1. Apply power to the bonder and wait for the machine to initialise.
  2. Set the LOOP value to 1.
  3. Remove the work-holder from the bonding area.
  4. Press and release the chessman button (bonding button) to bond in free air; this will move the bond-head downwards to the loop position.
  5. Hold the work-holder static in the middle and by rotating the base the height can be adjusted.
    a. Rotate clockwise to raise workholder height.
    b. Rotate anti-clockwise to lower workholder height.
  6. Rotate workholder anticlockwise fully to lowest position.
  7. Load workholder (with product to bond).
  8. Position workholder under the bonding tool.
  9. Looking through the microscope raise work holder until lowest bonding surface is just touching the tool.
  10. Press the RESET button, the machine will now initialise.
  11. Increase the LOOP parameter to a higher value (4 – 5) to ensure good clearance above product.
  12. The work holder height is now setup correctly.
Manual Wire Bonder Workholder Setup
Workholder Height Adjustment
Manual Workholder Setup - Lower Position
Setup of Lower Worholder Height

Workholder Setup: Troubleshooting

  • Problem: – The work-holder will not move in any direction (upwards or downwards).
  • Resolution: – The spring grub screws are too tight, loosen all 3 grubs screws slightly until rotation is possible.
Manual Workholder - Height Locking
Workholder Locking Adjustments

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Matt Houston


28 April 2017


IKB006 Rev. 3