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Glass and Silica Wafers Further Information


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Diameter is typically listed in mm but may be referred to in inches.

This lists the material the glass is made from, typical options include Borosilicate, Fused Quartz, Fused Silica and Crystal Quartz. Some people use these terms interchangeably or will drop the ‘fused’ and ‘crystal’ terms.

Fused Quartz and Fused Silica have no orientation as they are not crystalline materials. Crystal quartz however does and can be X-Cut, Y-Cut, AT-Cut and ST-Cut depending on how the wafer is removed from the larger crystal.

The grade of the glass wafer listed here refers to the manufacturers specifications. Each has its own specific chemical, mechanical and optical properties.

As with Silicon wafers this refers to the thickness and tolerance of the wafer, typically listed in µm.

This refers to the finish on the surface of the glass and can be either SSP or DSP. Alongside this there is a rating X/Y, where both X and Y are numbers. X refers to the width of a scratch in µm and Y the diameter of a dig, pit or bubble in hundreths of a mm.

This denotes how the edge of the glass wafer has been shaped. Most commonly a C shape, but chamfered and square cut are also options.

Alignment fiducial refers to the flats or notches used to identify the wafer. Originally flats were used to identify TYPE and well as ORIENTATION, but now there is less convention about what the flats mean, and notches are quite common on 8” (200mm) wafers.

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