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Adhesive Division:

DELO Industrial Adhesives

DELO-PHOTOBOND - UV and Light Cured Acrylic Adhesives and Sealants

DELO-KATIOBOND - UV and Light Cured-Activated Epoxy Selants and Adhesvies

DELO-DUALBOND - Dual Curing (Heat-Light-Moisture Combinations) Adhesives and Sealants

DELOMONOPOX - One Part Heat Cured Epoxies

DELO-DUOPOX - Two part Cold Cured Epoxies

DELO-ML - Anearobic Curing Adhesives

DELO-CA - Instant Curing Adhesives

DELO-GUM - Silicone Selants and Adhesives

DELO-PUR - Structural Polyurethane Adhesives and Selants

Dispense Equipment

Curing Equipment

Reference Adhesive Applications

Microelectronic Applications:

- Die Attach Adhesives

- Encapsulation Glob Top Adhesives

Electronic Applications

Automotive Adhesive Applications

Adhesives for Plastic Applications

Adhesives for Glass Applications

Adhesives for Mechanical Engineering Applications

Equipment Division:

Advanced Dicing Technologies - ADT

Wafer Mounters:

- 966 Manual Wafer Mounter

- 967 Semi Automatic Wafer Mounter

Manual & Semi Automatic Dicing Saws:

- 7120 Semi Automatic Wafer Saws

- 7130 Large Area Dicing Saws

- 7910 Single Spindle Dicing Saw

- 7900 Dual Spindle Dicing Saw

Fully Automatic Dicing Saws:

- 7200 Series Fully Automatic Wafer Saws

Peripheral Dicing Equipment:

- 977 Wafer Cleaning Systems

- 955 UV Tape Curing System

- 937 Dicing Saw Spindle Chiller

- 947 CO2 Bubbler

- 921 Closed Loop Filtration System

Dicing Consumables:

- Dicing Blades, Flanges & Accessories


Automatic Die Attach Equipment:

- FAB Series of Die Bonders for advanced packaging applications

- CAT for automatic assembly of low-medium volume applications

- EMU for R&D and low volume microelectronic assembly processes

ATV Technologies

Semiconductor Processing Equipment:

- Quartz Tube Furnaces Model Range Overview: PEO

- PEO-601 - 100mm Quartz Tube Furnace

- PEO-603/4 - 200mm Quartz Tube Furnace

Vacuum Soldering Ovens:

- Vacuum Soldering Model Range Overview: SRO

- SRO700 Benchtop Vacuum Reflow Oven

- SRO714/716 Series Vacuum Solder Reflow Ovens

- SRO Getter Activation & Package Lid Reflow Systems

Wafer, Substrate & Glass Scribers:

- Manual & Precision Diamond Scriber

K&S - Kulicke & Soffa

Automatic Ball Bonders:

- K&S IConn Automatic Gold Ball Wire Bonder

- K&S Automatic Wafer Ball-Stud Bumpers

Automatic "Orthodyne" Wedge Bonders:

- Asterion Wedge Bonder

- PowerFusion Semiconductor Leadframe Wedge Bonder

Die Bonding Attach Equipment:

- Advanced Thermocompression Die Packaging Equipment

Consumable Products:

- Wire Bonding Capillaries & Dicing Blades

MPP - Micro Point Pro

- Manual Wire Bonder Model Range Overiew

- iBond 5000 Digital Ball Bonder

- iBond 5000 Digital Wedge Bonder

- iBond5000 Series Convertible Wedge & Ball Wire Bonder


Manual Bond Testing Equipment:

- 4000 Optima Precision Bond Tester

- 4000 Plus Bond & Micromaterials Tester

Automated Bond Testing Equipment:

- 4600 Automatic Bond Tester

- 4800Integra Automated Wafer Level Bond Tester

Plasma Etch Inc.

Benchtop Plasma Cleaners:

- Model Range Overview

- PE-25 Low Cost Plasma Cleaner

- PE50 Benchtop Plasma Cleaning System

- PE50-XL Benchtop Plasma Cleaner (PE50 with inceased Chamber size)

- PE75 Plasma Etcher

- PE100 Benchtop Plasma Etcher / Cleaner (Convertible Option)

- PE200 Benchtop Plasma Cleaner For Large Devices/Batch Sizes

- Venus Series: PE Equivalent Models with PC/Software Control Systems

Industrial Plasma Cleaners & Etchers:

- Model Range Overview

- BT1 Industrial Plasma Cleaning System

- TT1 Turntable Plasma Industrial Etching System

- MKII Industrial Plasma Etching System

- MKIII High Volume / Large Area Plasma Etching System

- Magna Series Plasma PCB Etching System

Reel-to-Reel Plasma Cleaners:

- PE200 - Inline & Reel-to-Reel Plasma Cleaners

- Atmospheric Inline Plasma System

Inline & Atmospheric Plasma Cleaners:

- Atmospheric Inline Plasma System

- Handheld Atmospheric Plasma Wand


Manual Probe Stations:

- LAB Assistant Manual Probe Station

- MA Manual PS4L Probe System for Life

Semiautomatic Probe Systems:

- SA Semiautomatic PS4L Probing System

Fully Automatic Wafer Probers:

- FA Fully Automatic PS4L Probing System

Application Specific & Custom Probing Equipment:

- Speciality Wafer Probing Systems

- Modular Probe System for Life "PS4L"

- Volterus High Power Probing Systems

- MEMS Probing Equipment

- Vacuum Probing Systems

- Magnetic Stimulation System

- Double Sided Probing Systems

- Optoelectronic Probing Systems

SÜSS MicroTec

Mask Aligners

- Model Range Overview

Wafer Bonders:

Spray & Spin Coaters/Developers

- Model Range Overview

Laser Ablation Equipment

Mask Cleaning Systems

Tresky AG

Manual through Semiautomatic Die Bonding and Sorting Equipment:

- T-4909 Manual Die Bonder

- T-3000 Series Flexible Manual Bonder & Sorter

- Flip Chip Die Bonders: Manual, Semi Automatic

- T-3000-HF High Force Die Bonder


Inseto Technical Support Services

Consumable Division:

Advanced Dicing Technologies (ADT) - Annular Dicing Blades and Accessories


- Parallel Gap Welding Electrodes

- Hot Bar Reflow Soldering Thermodes

Applied Thin Film Products (ATP) - Thin Film Metalized Substrates


- Coining Bonding Wire & Ribbons

- Coining Solder Preforms

- Coining Precision Metal Stampings

- Coining - Package Cover Lid Assemblies

DELO - Adhesives & Encapsulants

Egide - Hermetic Packages

Inseto - Semiconductor Wafers

- Silicon Wafers

- Coated Wafers

- Silica Wafers


- Koartan AlN Thick Film Pastes

- Koartan Gold & Silver Thick Film Conductors

- Koartan Thick Film Resistors & Thick Film Thermistors

- Koartan Dielectric Glaze Materials

Kulicke & Soffa - Bonding Capillaries and Dicing Blades

Micro Point Pro (MPP) - Die and Wire Bonding Tools

Egide-Santier - Device Heat Sink Materials

Spectrum Semiconductor Materials - Ex-Stock Semiconductor Packages

Inseto Knowledge Base:


+44 (0)1264 334505


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