Silicon Wafer

Silicon Wafer Key Features

  • Prime Grade high quality Silicon Wafers
  • 1″, 50mm, 100mm, 125mm, 200mm & 300mm diameters
  • P, N Type or Intrinsic Si Wafers
  • Single (SSP) or Double Side Polish (DSP)
  • Wet & Dry Oxide, Nitride plus other coatings & processing
  • Rapid supply and shipment worldwide from stock
  • Available in small to large quantities

Inseto supplies and stocks an extensive range of high-quality virgin Silicon Wafer from 25-300mmm (1-12”) in diameter, in various resistivity’s, orientations and thicknesses.

The wafers are ideal substrates for research applications, setup and tool qualification of precision equipment (e.g. steppers & other fabrication processes) and semiconductor production requirements. Silicon is exceptionally flat, hard and has very tight thickness, TTV and other dimensional tolerances as well as being bio compatible and radiation hard.

Wafers are shipped and used worldwide by a wide range of universities, institutes, equipment vendors and leading semiconductor device manufacturers.

Silicon (Si) types include Czochralski- (CZ) or Float-Zone (FZ) grown, P-Type, N-Type or Intrinsic, etched, single (SSP) or double side polished (DSP). Tight tolerance wafers enable a range of technologies such as Si membranes Si sensors and Si detectors for pressure measurement and MEMS devices such as Si cantilevers for measurement, micro-mechanisms used in energy harvesting, substrates for energy storage, microfluidics including PCR devices, air speed measurement and ultra-precision micro-flow measurements.

Precise conductivity control allows research in 2D materials and cryogenic conductivity measurements in the few Kelvin range. With ability to stack layers easily, Si is key to enabling photonic devices and integrated photonics used in optical interconnects and quantum devices.

Further information about semiconductor wafer properties can be found in our “Wafer Selection Guide“, knowledge base document.

Silicon wafers can be ordered directly with Inseto, or purchased via our online store. The web-store also includes a list of our current inventory, which is available for rapid shipment worldwide and silicon wafer price information that registered users can view.

Please do not hesitate to contact our application and technical specialists for advice, or if you need assistance specifying wafers for your requirement.

Product range overview

Silicon Wafers:

  • Si Wafer sizes from 1” to 300mm in inventory
  • Next day delivery
  • SEMI standard PRIME and non standard thicknesses
  • Single or double side polished
  • No minimum order quantities
  • Optional laser marking
  • Single wafer shipper/storage boxes available from stock
  • Certificate of Conformance available for all wafer types
  • Clean wafers storage and packing
  • Cassette of Prime Silicon Wafers

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