SOS Wafer – Silicon on Sapphire

SOS Wafer Key Features

  • PRIME grade high quality silicon on Sapphire Wafers (SoS)
  • EPI Si on Sapphire with R (1102) plane crystal orientation
  • 3” to 200mm wafers available
  • Kr grown substrates with high purity 99.998%
  • Range of Si thicknesses
  • Single or both sides polished available
  • Very low roughness and defect free
  • Supply and shipment worldwide from stock or on short lead times
  • Buy Silicon on Sapphire wafers online

Inseto specialize in supplying silicon on Sapphire wafer (SOS) comprising Kr grown Sapphire and EPI Si layers with tightly controlled thicknesses with excellent TTV, and flatness values. Silicon on Sapphire wafer sizes range from 3” to 200mm and are available in small lot sizes, ideal for research and development applications.

SOS wafers are closely related to SOI and are used in the fabrication of high frequency devices such as RFIC’s, RF Amplifiers and RF Switches, where the low loss of the substrates allows dense design rules without leakage and performance issues. The high temperature conductance of the Sapphire substrates assists in thermal management of the device.

R plane Sapphire has a close lattice match to (100) Si and when used to fabricate RF devices, low power consumption and superior radiation hardness exceed what is possible with other SOI technologies. SoS wafers can have a wide range of Si thicknesses grown on them, and is also a convenient way to make smaller quantities of SOI wafer for photonics use.

High-quality SoS Wafers are shipped and used worldwide by University and Industrial Research, Manufacturing and equipment manufacturers. SOS wafers can be purchased online via the Inseto Wafer Store.

Please do not hesitate to contact our support team for Silicon on Sapphire wafer prices or application and technical advice, if you need assistance specifying your wafers.

Product range overview

More about our SoS – Silicon on Sapphire wafers:

  • SoS wafer sizes from 3” to 200mm, from inventory
  • Very high quality EPI Si layer with low defectivity
  • Tight TTV and flatness specifications
  • Si thickness of 100nm, 200nm, 300nm, 400nm and 600nm
  • Available from stock on 3” wafers
  • Sapphire purity 99.998%
  • Small lot sizes and laser marking of wafers available
  • Short lead time delivery
  • Silicon on Sapphire Wafers - SOS

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