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WIN-PLASMA Creating A Sequence

This document advises on how create a sequence in the Plasma Etch Win-Plasma Application (IKB-048).

This document presumes the user is familiar with the Low Pressure Plasma process and the Plasma Etch Inc. Equipment.

WARNING: Only qualified and competent personnel should create a new sequence; incorrect parameters may cause damage to the system.

Note: Use the onscreen shortcut to bring up the onscreen keyboard when needing to enter text into a text field.

  1. Check and release the EMO if engaged.
  2. Set the power circuit breaker to the On (Up) position.
  3. Press the ‘Start’ button on the front panel to power up the system.
  4. Open the ‘Win-Plasma’ Application on your Windows PC.
  5. Navigate to the ‘Technician’ tab.
  6. Open the ‘Sequence’ menu within the ‘Technician’ tab. Within this menu you can create, save, edit, delete and modify Sequences to be used on your system.
    1. Time (Minutes) – Time that Plasma is present in the Sequence.
    2. RF (Watts) – Unit of power demanded from the RF Generator.
    3. Gas 1 – Selection of process gas; refer to rear panel of machine to check which process gas inputs in to which gas line.
    4. Flow 1 (sccm) – Flow demand of Gas 1 selection.
  7. Create and save a new sequence and save accordingly into the Windows directory.
  8. Close all windows and tabs and Navigate back to the main Win-Plasma Screen.
  9. Open the ‘Sequence’ tab from the main screen; this will allow you to open the load in any sequence made within the main directory.
  10. Press ‘Load’ to accept the sequence.
  11. You will see that the ‘Process Sequence’ box within the main screen will update with the Sequence name and details its parameter variables.
  12. The system is ready to run the newly loaded sequence.

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Adam Marshall


27 March 2020


IKB048 Rev. 1